Paris Attacks – May our Lord, the King of Peace Intercede

Paris Attacks – May our Lord, the King of Peace Intercede

The entire world watched in shock and anguish last night as we learned through the news media that innocent people in the country of France were again targeted by terrorists.  The “Paris Attacks Were an ‘Act of War’ by ISIS”, said President Hollande of France.

The Board, Staff and listeners of The Orthodox Christian Network around the world send their prayers and support to the families of those who lost their loved ones.

There is no way to excuse such barbarism and no way to justify such heinous slaughtering of men, women and children.  In this sacred world which God has created for us we must learn that we can and should solve the issues and problems we face through dialogue.  A dialogue which recognizes that all people are created in the image of God and have something to offer.  The problem we face to today is that not everyone subscribes to such a premise.

May our Lord, the King of Peace intercede in the hearts of all humankind to teach us that peaceful and yet sometimes difficult dialogue is the only way to move forward.

May their memories be eternal.
To read ‘Paris Attacks Were an ‘Act of War’ by ISIS, Hollande Says’ on the International New York Times web site, click here.

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