Philoptochos Funds Cutting Edge Technology in Medicine

Philoptochos Funds Cutting Edge Technology in Medicine


Raising money for 3-D heart

When the local Philoptochos chapter of Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Danbury was introduced to Marie Hatcher of Matthew’s Hearts of Hope (MHOH) by their President Nitsa Kapetanopoulos- Carino, the Philoptochos ladies swung into action.

Marie Hatcher’s son, Matthew, battles heart diseases and is the inspiration for Matthew’s Hearts of Hope.

Working very hard they raised money that was donated to MHOH and to the Boston Children’s Hospital who were leading the way in pioneering new technologies to help children with heart diseases. A portion of the proceeds from the Festival of Table was donated to Matthew’s Hearts of Hope which enabled the development of the 3D heart that allows doctors to take a 3-D picture of a patient’s heart, and print it in plastic.

Dr. Hannah Fraint, the grant recipient of Matthew’s Hearts of Hope was able to create 3D heart saving precious time for surgeons by enabling them to prepare in advance on how to approach a heart defect, revolutionizing the way heart surgeries will be performed.

In a letter to her chapter, President Nitsa Kapetanopoulos-Carino highlights the global impact of their fund-raising initiative for MHOH. “…the Danbury News-Times article caught the eye of a reporter from the Independent in the United Kingdom. After that, the story took on a life of itself and within a few days Matthew’s Hearts of Hope received calls from news outlets in Japan, Croatia and even my family back in Ireland were calling to say the story reached the Irish Examiner. It was such an incredible feeling to know that people around the world were hearing about the impact (Congenital Heart Defects) CHD research is making for children in the US and that Matthew’s Hearts of Hope played a part.”

The story made it to CBS This Morning and CNBC with Dr. Bacha who performed the surgery and had the opportunity to share how this simple 3D model has completely changed the way surgery would be performed on children with severe Congenital Heart Defects.



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