Plan of Action, Part II

Plan of Action, Part II


Implementing the Plan 

  • Teach that Stewardship is a spiritual expression of faith.
  • Develop a culture of a Parish that emulates the kingdom of God overflowing with joy, peace and love and a welcoming environment.
  • Complete strategic planning and clarify your Parish’s mission & vision
  • Form a common vision for Stewardship among your Priest, Parish Council, Stewardship Committee and Ministry Leaders.
  • Expand your list of parish ministries under the guidance of your priest.
  • Work with your priest to organize your ministries leaders into a Council of Ministries (see article in this booklet).
  • Assign areas of responsibility by ministry to each Parish Council member.
  • Focus your Stewardship program to engage stewards in parish ministries.
  • Recruit stewardship ambassadors from your community to reach out to other parishioners.
  • Focus Stewardship materials and communications to:
    • Share the dream and vision;
    • Reach segments and subgroups of your parish membership.
  • Create a program to engage each steward in the ministries of the Parish through personal contact or small groups.
  • Visit with each parishioner and encourage their involvement and support.
  • Share testimonials of those whose lives have been changed by the ministries of your parish.
  • Avoid constant requests for financial support for a variety of causes.
  • Keep a rolling 12-month calendar for parish stewardship ministry.


 The Personal Visitation Program 

  • Make sure your priest, parish council and stewardship committee reach consensus about your stewardship strategy.
  • Reach consensus on parish mission, vision and strategic objectives.
  • Organize your council of ministries (see page 30).
  • Prepare your stewardship materials and revised stewardship commitment form.
  • Train stewardship ambassadors, teaching your mission, vision and ministries.
  • Ambassadors select the stewards they will visit based on commonality.
  • Ambassadors call and schedule 15-30 minute in-home visitations focusing on engaging the individual in parish ministry.
  • Ambassadors follow up on topics discussed with the stewards, encouraging the steward to return a stewardship commitment form to the parish. Additional follow-up with the steward in areas discussed during the visit is recommended.


The Group Visitation Program 

  • Make sure your Priest, Parish Council and Stewardship Committee reach consensus about your stewardship strategy.
  • Reach consensus on the Parish mission, vision and strategic objectives.
  • Organize your Council of Ministries (see page 30).
  • Prepare your Ministries Handbook and Stewardship materials and Stewardship Commitment Form.
  • Recruit your Stewardship Ambassador Host Teams
  • Train your Stewardship Ambassador Teams in the parish mission, vision and ministry.
  • Ambassador Teams pick Stewards to invite to their meeting based on commonality.
  • Ambassador Teams select strategic “testimonial” presenters and invite Steward couples for a group dinner focusing on engagement in parish ministries.
  • Ambassadors Teams follow up with efforts to engage individuals in the life of the parish.

Source: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Stewardship Resources Handbook for 2017; for more information also see Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Stewardship Ministries.

As part of an on-going series on stewardship, OCN is pleased to share excerpts from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Stewardship Resources Handbook for 2017.  This series hopes to assist your parish Stewardship team in getting started and planning a full year of Stewardship Ministry. The handbook contains guidelines for preparation of a parish Stewardship Program, updated letters, a sample commitment card and new member card, various campaign formats and ideas for parish stewardship ministry.

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