Dr. Gary Habermas has dedicated his life to the study and defense of the Resurrection because it is without a doubt the seminal event in history and the foundation of Christianity—simply put, without the Resurrection Christian belief crumbles. (Note: This conversation took place in March 2018 as Hank was in the midst of his battle with cancer—Thanks be to God, Hank is now cancer free).

Topics discussed include: How studying the Resurrection led Dr. Habermas into apologetics (3:15); empirical evidence for Christianity compared to other religions (8:30); perspectives on the supernatural in academic circles (11:00); the Resurrection, Jesus Seminar, and the Pre-Pauline Creed (14:45); evidence of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (18:45); Islamic denial of the crucifixion of Christ (21:15); evidence of an empty tomb after the Resurrection of Christ (27:25); witnesses to the Resurrection and the martyrdom that ensued (30:35); the faith and martyrdom of early church fathers such as Polycarp and Irenaeus (36:10); the sorrow Habermas felt losing his wife to cancer and the hope he felt knowing that she was in heaven (40:30); the peace that the Resurrection of Christ provides Hank in the midst of his battle with cancer (47:00); the argument from joy by C. S. Lewis (54:30); a miracle in Hank’s life and the role of miracles in Christianity (59:00); rewards in heaven (1:04:15); world religions, the reliability of Scripture and the radical uniqueness of Jesus (1:06:30); do all religions lead to God? (1:10:10); is Christianity is rooted in history and evidence? (1:14:20); why should we believe in miracles? (1:22:30); Christianity corresponds to reality (1:25:00); why aren’t more Christians sharing their faith? (1:28:15); why Hank considers his first year fighting cancer as the best year of his life (1:36:45); how cancer has brought the Hanegraaff family closer together and closer to Christ (1:42:50); how suffering through cancer has made Hank more empathetic (1:47:15); Gary Habermas describes watching his wife die of cancer (1:53:00); why the best year of Hank’s life is the year he was diagnosed with cancer (1:58:50); Habermas on a magnum opus on the Resurrection (2:00:30).

For further resources on the resurrection, see our April 2021 Monthly Resources by clicking here https://www.equip.org/product/cri-resource-cri2104wa/ and additional resources at our Defending the Resurrection resource page, which includes Gary Habermas’s book The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus with Michael Licona by clicking here. https://www.equip.org/defending-the-resurrection/

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