​There is no such thing as religious neutrality. Dr. Scott Hahn joins Hank Hanegraaff to discuss why Christians simply cannot compartmentalize our beliefs as if reality and religion are not intrinsically and existentially related. The privatization of faith has been perilous for the public square and as the world continues to become increasingly anti-Christian, it is imperative that Christians snap out of our “Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome” and claim the culture for Christ. The future of civilization depends on it.
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Topics discussed include: Salvation and deification—too often we focus on what we are saved FROM and overlook what we are saved FOR (5:20); the context of the famous quote by Karl Marx that “religion is the opium of the people” and why religion is the roadblock to revolution (9:20); contrasting Marxism and materialism with true religion—Christianity and what the social duty of Christians is (18:30); the cross is a mystery and metaphor that defines our reality (27:50); how should we keep the Sabbath? (38:00); the importance of liturgy and recognizing forms of secular liturgy in our lives (44:10); the two wings of faith and reason (49:25); is there any such thing are religious neutrality? (56:20); the Eucharistic encounter of St. Thomas Aquinas that changed his life—and how the Eucharist can empower us to change the world (1:03:00); the real presence of Christ should be a uniting reality for all Christians (1:12:45); the relationship between justice and love (1:18:50); where have we gotten marriage wrong? (1:26:05); why the future of civilization depends on true religion (1:33:10).

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