St. George, Patmos and Orthodox Pride

St. George, Patmos and Orthodox Pride


Welcome to This Week in Orthodoxy”, the world’s only online video newscast focused on events in the life of the Orthodox Church.  I’m Emmy Louvaris. These are some of the stories making headlines the week of May 13, 2016.

  • Palestinian Christian’s celebrate St. George
  • Google art project showcases the Monastery of Apocolypse in High Digital format
  • Five-time Emmy winner brings his Orthodox Christian faith to the forefront in his acceptance speech.

Palestinian Christian’s celebrate St. George

First up, Palestinian Christians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank Village of Taybeh celebrated the feast day of St. George on May 6th. Taybeh, one of the strongest Christian communities in Palestine, is also the only Christian town left in Isreal. According to Maria Khoury, in an article posted in The Arab Daily News

“… our small town, with less than 2,000 people and three magnificent churches named after the Great Martyr George expresses in itself our love for this illustrious brave Church hero.”

St. George was an exemplary Roman soldier. In icons, he is often depicted on a white horse spearing a dragon, instead of images of his martyrdom, which were gruesome and torturous until he was eventually beheaded.

St. George’s mother was from Palestine and he was born near today’s Tel Aviv airport. Many villagers regard St George as their patron saint due to his courage and that he was a “hometown hero”. To read the Maria Khouri’s article go to 

GOOGLE lets you see the Monastery of Apocolypse on the Island of Patmos

Anyone can now admire the beauty and treasures of the Patmos Monastery with just one click!

The Cave of the Apocalypse, situated about halfway up the mountain on the Aegean island Patmos, is where St. John the Theologian was exiled to, around 96 AD and received the visions from God, of the world to come, that were written down by his student and recorded as the Book of Revelations, the final chapter in the Holy Bible.

Google users can now experience this very special place and have mapped the Monastery of Apocalypse in digital format, making it possible for anyone across the globe to access and view the space with every detail possible.

Visitors of the Google Art Project can even see areas that are not accessible to visitors in the Monastery itself, such as the library, the dining room & even the entrance of St. John’s church.

The Patmos Monastery, in its entirety, along with its marvelous exhibits, can now be admired in high-definition, from the comfort of your own screen.

General Hospital Star Loves Being Orthodox

It is a rare thing to see, a Hollywood star so outspoken about their Christian faith today. However, Jonathan Jackson is not one of those people. The 33-year old actor, singer & song writer, with 5 Emmy awards for his role, in the hit TV soap opera ‘General Hospital’, made an impression when he confessed his allegiance to the Christian Orthodox faith during the reception of his Emmy award, at the ceremony in April, last month. During his acceptance speech, he asked the monks on Mount Athos to continue praying for the world. Here’s a clip of this year’s Daytime Emmy Award’s:

To watch the Pemptousia video in its entirety, of Jonathan Jackson’s interview on his journey to the Orthodox Christian faith, log on to my

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