St. Katherine ‘I Too Am a Nazarene’ Pin Sales to Benefit Persecuted Christians

St. Katherine ‘I Too Am a Nazarene’ Pin Sales to Benefit Persecuted Christians



St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church, known to most Naples residents for its joyous annual Greek Fest with its tasty food offerings, is tackling a big global problem. Heartbroken by the desperate plight of persecuted Christians and other refugees in the Middle East, the church came together and determined something must be done immediately to raise funds to help victims of ISIS/ISIL violence.

Pin_CroppedThe result of their efforts goes on sale this week: beautiful red and gold pins emblazoned with the Arabic letter “N” – painted by ISIS/ISIL to target the homes of Christians for expulsion and obliteration. The symbol “N” stands for ‘Nazarene’ signifying that its residents are followers of Jesus of Nazareth. The pins bear the statement “I Too am a Nazarene” in solidarity with suffering Christians throughout the world, who have been targeted by Muslim Extremist.

All proceeds from pin sales will be directed to the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) Middle East Fund to aid these suffering people. IOCC has had a continual presence in that part of the world almost since its inception in 1992, and was chosen as the recipient because its effectiveness in providing relief to the suffering people of the Middle East.

Pins are on sale through the church’s website. Pins are one inch square, and sell for $5 each, plus shipping and handling, shipping is waived for orders over 50 pins. All churches and concerned organizations are encouraged to participate. For further information please contact

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