Stay Thirsty for Christ

Stay Thirsty for Christ


Our world tells us to try everything. We’re always being urged to “stay thirsty,” “have it all,” “follow your dreams.” But if we actually do it all, have it all, try it all – is it possible to find satisfaction? Is there anything in the world that can truly quench our thirst? Fr. Chris Makiej reminds us that King Solomon, the richest and wisest man of his time, said at the end of his life that everything he had experienced in the world added up to one thing: emptiness.

As we remember the Samaritan woman at the well, and Jesus offering her “living water,” Fr. Chris takes us on a journey through our expectations for life. Find out where your own goals fit into this scheme. Will you come to the end of your life with nothing but “emptiness”? What is there truly that can quench your thirst?

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About author

Fr. Chris Makiej

Fr. Christopher is a native of Lowell, MA. He received his Master of Divinity from Holy Cross School of Theology in 1991, and was Ordained in 1994 to the Diaconate by Metropolitan Methodios, and to the Priesthood by Metropolitan Maximos. He served as an assistant Priest at Annunciation Church in Lancaster Pennsylvania for five years and has served as Proistamenos of Saints Constantine and Helen Church in Andover, MA for the past seventeen years. In addition to the pastoral and youth ministry of his parish, Fr. Christopher has served as chaplain and Spiritual Father at Camp Nazareth, PA and Boston Metropolis Youth Camps. He also produced a regional cable television program called "Orthodox Life Today," which discusses current issues from an Orthodox Christian perspective. He also serves on the National Board of the Department of Outreach and Evangelism.