The Children’s Word: A Happy Lent

The Children’s Word: A Happy Lent


Have you ever done something nice for a friend? Well, of course you have! Maybe you picked out a present for him or her, or sent a card, or helped your friend with something. But did you grumble about it? Did you complain? Probably not. When we do something for a friend, we are happy. We want to help, don’t we?

In today’s Gospel reading, we hear about how we should act when we fast. That’s because tomorrow we start Great Lent, the time when we get ready for Easter, for Pascha! We get ready by eating not-so-fancy foods, by helping the poor more, by going to church more, by forgiving others, and helping people who need our help. Sometimes people might complain about Lent. YOU might even start to complain. You won’t get to have a big ice cream sundae when you want it. You might not get to watch a TV show you wanted to watch, because your family is off to church. Or you might miss out on something else you want.

But always remember, when we do these things, we are remembering a friend, our Lord, Jesus Christ. And when we remember Him, we are happy too. Let’s see if we can go through Great Lent without complaining about it. Instead, we can remember why we’re doing it! Can you have a happy Lent?

SAINTLY PARENTS Saints Zebulon and Susanna

Sometimes, we hear about an athlete or a singer or somebody else with a great talent.  We might wonder, “What made him so good at that?”  Then, we might find out that his parents were great athletes too, or great singers, or something else!  Our parents can help shape us into something great.

Back in January, we celebrated the feastday of Saint Nina.  She was a saint who lived in the country of Georgia.  She told many people about Christ, and thousands of people became Christian because of her words and her prayers!  She is even called, “Equal-to-the-Apostles” because she did so much for our Christian Church.

But what about her parents? Well, they are saints too!  Saints Zebulon and Susanna taught their daughter Nina about Christ.  They also showed her a great example of helping the poor.  They lived a simple life so that they could focus their lives on God.  Do you see how these saintly parents helped guide their daughter to be a saint too?

We celebrate Sts. Zebulon and Susanna on Tuesday, March 15th.

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