The Children’s Word: God Loves a Cheerful Giver

The Children’s Word: God Loves a Cheerful Giver


This week: Sunday, October 4, 2015

Volume 3, Issue 39

Let’s say you have one cupcake. You’re excited to eat it because it looks so tasty. But then a friend comes along and asks if he can have that cupcake! What would you do? Well, it would be hard to give it up, wouldn’t it? And even if you gave that cupcake to him, you might still wish you had it! In the Epistle reading today, Saint Paul writes that when we give something, we shouldn’t give it in a sad way. We shouldn’t feel like we’re forced to give it. “God loves a cheerful giver,” he writes. Sometimes grown ups have a hard time giving up their things or some of their money. And sometimes, even if they do give something, they feel sad about it. As a kid, you don’t really have much money of your own. But when you grow up, you will have some. As a kid, you can practice being a cheerful giver. You can practice being a generous person. That way, when you are all grown up, it won’t be so hard to help others. It won’t be so hard to be generous with your money or your time or your things. You can practice being a cheerful giver even with something little, like a cupcake! And God loves a cheerful giver!


Do you watch sports? Do you have a favorite team? Sometimes you might hear about a sports player who is from your same town, or your same state. You might have a special pride for where you come from, and you’ll cheer extra hard for him or her. Today is the first Sunday of October, and today we celebrate a special nameday. We remember all the saints of the island of Cyprus. (One person counted 240 saints, but another person counted 369 of them!) The people in Cyprus have a special pride for their saints and wanted to celebrate them all together. Do you know about the saints from where you live? Do you know about the saints from your own country? Have you learned about the saints from where your ancestors lived? These are your hometown heroes! Maybe you have a special pride or love for them. Or maybe you can feel especially close to them and ask them to pray to God for you. Today, we remember the saints of Cyprus, but we can also think about our own special saints who lived near where we live!


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