The Children’s Word: You’re Invited

The Children’s Word: You’re Invited


This week: If the king invited you, would you go to the wedding for his son? Most people would! A few years ago, the prince in England had a wedding. A million people stood along the streets to watch them pass by. More than 2 billion people watched on TV! They would all go to that wedding!

In today’s Gospel reading, we hear a story that tells us a special message. A king gives a big wedding feast because his son got married. He invited lots of people, but nobody seemed to come to the party. He invited them again, but they gave all kinds of excuses. He begged them to come! Then he invited other people to take their places.

What does this story tell us? Well, the king is God, isn’t He? God invites us to come close to Him. He begs us! But sometimes we think of things that get in the way. We think of excuses. Our Lord is giving us something wonderful—the chance to be close to His Son. But we think of excuses!

God gives us these chances all the time. Can you think of a time you can choose to be close to God? Maybe on Sunday morning?

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