The Twelve Apostles Greek Orthodox Church in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom offers Live Streaming Services

Welcome to The Twelve Apostles Greek Orthodox Church. The church is one of many Greek Orthodox churches in the United Kingdom. It serves as the spiritual center for the community of Hertfordshire and beyond. Any visitor to our church will tell you that it is like a little monastery you expect to find at the top of a mountain in Cyprus or Greece.

Our church welcomes worshipers from other Orthodox Christian communities (Greek and non-Greek) and is especially popular with the younger generation who select it for their weddings and baptisms. We are the only Greek Orthodox church in the United Kingdom that broadcasts live video (see links above) and caters for online bookings (see link above) for weddings and baptisms. In addition, for weddings, we have authority to perform the civil ceremony at the same time as the religious one.

Live Broadcast

To watch our live broadcast, click on the play icon (small triangle) below. For full screen viewing, maximize the media player by clicking on the arrows below. Should the media player below not work on your computer, click here to try an alternative.

To watch our live broadcast on your mobile device (iOS or Android), install our dedicated mobile app from here.

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