Here is a new short video of the Theophany Troparion by UK-based Orthodox filmmakers The Brothers Robinson. This team, who have
produced many short clips, are also real-life brothers.

The Brothers Robinson - YouTube picFeaturing stunning footage of surging rivers, accompanied by a reading of the Troparion, this film serves to instill a sense of spiritual awe.

The brothers hope to make more films like this one for other feast days of the Church, and aim to share the inspiring words of hymns and writings that exist at the heart of the Orthodox Faith. Their films include not only Orthodox material, but also dramatic and comedic short films, upcoming documentary pieces, and more. As their audience increases, so does their film output, so join the audience and share videos like “Theophany” to add more people to it.

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Chris Vlahonasios

Chris Vlahonasios is a law graduate from Victoria University and Orthodox media writer for TRANSFIGURE Media.


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