Throwback Thursday: Living the Beatitudes

Throwback Thursday: Living the Beatitudes


In today’s Throwback Thursday, we go back to 2012 and listen to Fr. Chris speak with Fr. Stephen Powley regarding prison ministry.  Fr. Stephen went to those incarcerated and brought the light of Christ to some of the most violent inmates.  What an inspirational story!  For more information on prison ministry, go to

But first, listen to a conversation between Fr. Chris and Jim Angelus, who rode 3,000 miles across America to raise awareness and funds for IOCC.  The following is from Jim’s final blog entry on their arrival at South Seaside Park in Toms River, New Jersey, in 2012:

We would walk on the beach and dip our bikes into the Atlantic with mixed feelings. It was a joyous and precious time for family and friends. The weather had held out for us once again. We thank our Lord once again. We had completed our 2nd 3,000 mile cross​-​continental Race to Respond, yet greatly aware of the fact that the “Race to Respond” for the IOCC is ongoing; it is an ongoing effort to meet the needs of all those in the world suffering the consequences of man-made or natural disasters.

To those parishes who greeted us and nourished us both physically and spiritually across the states, we thank you for your encouragement, your support, and your contributions during our journey. If the 2012 Race To Respond is to be “truly” successful, we look to all of you to take this enthusiasm that came out of this event, and move forward with your own special grass root efforts to increase awareness of IOCC’s worldwide mission within your community and beyond.  (2012 Press Release:

The Race to Respond is still going on today! Join TEAM IOCC on October 17, 2015, at the Baltimore Running Festival—contact them today at 410-243-9820 or visit for more information.

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