True Servants

True Servants


The Orthodox Christian Network has established the Digital Disciple Scholars Program on the campus of Hellenic College/Holy Cross School of Theology.  Its purpose is to begin training our ministry leaders to use multi-media resources to spread the Gospel.  Students will be trained to promote current issues related to the Orthodox Faith, Christian Persecution, cover Orthodox News, and events on campus.


True Servants

Two young women clad in the black of repentance from head to toe, stood before their piles of ecclesiastical texts with huge white smiles and blue eyes. It was cool autumn Friday night and they shared their wealth of Typicon knowledge with another gathering of college age faithful in the Northeast. These young women are more than happy to provide these impromptu seminars regarding their knowledge of the faith as they travel to share their knowledge and experience as another part of their ascetic missionary ministry. Their faces shine like they hold candles before them in the darkness. Both of them are beautiful and well educated, with nursing and master’s degrees. They could be anything that this world has to offer, but Life is not in the world for them. It is their preference serve the Lord.

For them, solitude was found not too far from one of the busiest cities in the world. All Saints Monastery is located on the east side of the Long Island, a little north of the Hamptons. All saints began to celebrate Divine Services in 2007. It is little spiritual oases such as this that give rejuvenation to the world and the Church life that goes on around them. This is a very historical concept that where monasticism goes, the area around the monastic missionary essence begins to resurrect a rejuvenated spirituality towards the church.

The two young nuns are just as any young person, but they have listened to the will of God. They are very approachable and open to the world around them. Hearts with the Lord and wrapped up in the sweet rapture of prayer, but two feet firmly on the ground dealing with everything in front of them. It’s clear that we need such great examples of Truth in our world. The simple exemplum that Christ is Living, that he exists, because He has moved them deeply enough to live the Life they live.

This article is written in the vagueness of the nameless who dedicate themselves to the selfless service of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, who touches us through the Holy Spirit all one essence, our God. It is intended to compel heartfelt interest and support of such beautiful oases of True Christian Spirituality on earth. Please visit their website for more information and think of and pray for the nameless who struggle for our faith around the world.


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Dean Franck

Dean Franck is a first year student in the Master's of Divinity Program at Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, Massachusetts. He is also a participant of our Digital Disciples Program.