Update on the Orthodox Christian Network – Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Update on the Orthodox Christian Network – Inspired by the Holy Spirit


Through the grace of God, the Orthodox Christian Network continues to help spread Orthodoxy worldwide by simply sharing ‘the Light of Christ and ‘goodness’ each and every day.

How have we grown so quickly in 2014? The answer in the words of Father Chris: “The Holy Spirit is at work in creating an upward spiral – one good deed or inspiring story, is passed along to a sister, brother, friend or colleague.” We now reach 3 million in 196 countries / territories.

Thank you to Father George Rados, Father Issac Crow, Patricia Gogos (Partner), and Alex Machaskee for serving as gracious hosts for our 20th Anniversary Celebration events in the Washington DC Metro area and in Cleveland this past month.

We are humbled to share an appeal inspired by Father Steve Zorzos and Father Chris Metropulos – our 10 Cent giving campaign.

With thanks to our Board and Partners who cover 100% of our administrative costs, the campaign makes a bold claim:

• 100% of Donations go to Outreach, 0% Goes to Overhead.

Our Leadership & Board of Directors are resound in our commitment to:

I invite you to learn why we are great stewards of your gifts.  Will you join us in sharing the Good News?

In Christ,

-Nick T. Mavrick

Chairman, The Orthodox Christian Network

By Nick Mavrick

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Nick Mavrick

Nick Mavrick served on the OCN Board of Directors. The OCN Board consists of volunteers, who are also donors, and are passionate about giving back to the Orthodox Church. We welcome other volunteers to join us.