Virtual Choir of 90 Voices Sings Paschal Communion Hymn

Virtual Choir of 90 Voices Sings Paschal Communion Hymn


Last year, a group called AXIOS Music initiated an outstanding video project. Ninety choir members from 40 different Greek Orthodox churches in the United States recorded themselves singing the Paschal communion hymn, “Receive ye the Body of Christ. Taste the fountain of immortality. Alleluia”

AXIOS mixed all of these voices together into one virtual choir. Here’s how they explained the project:

During the midnight Easter Liturgy, scores of Orthodox choirs sing Tikey Zes’s arrangement of the Paschal communion hymn, “Soma Christou.” As a tribute to Tikey and his music, choir members from around the United States helped AXIOS Music create the first-ever Orthodox virtual choir. We chose to record “Soma Christou” because of its singular place in the annals of Greek Orthodox choral music in the United States.

Listen to and watch the video above. Let us know your favorite recordings from Holy Week and Pascha, so we can share them as well!

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