Wall Street Journal – Is Google Replacing God?

Wall Street Journal – Is Google Replacing God?


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‘Is Google Replacing God? – asked the Wall Street Journal in an excellent article published on June 12, 2014.  The article highlights a report by the MIT Technology Review that shows a correlation between “increased Internet use and the decline of religious affiliation.”  Specifically, “the percentage of people in the U.S. population who claimed no religious affiliation increased to 18% in 2010 from 8% in 1990”, an increase of 25 million people.

I am thankful to a friend of mine, Chris C., with whom I had traveled in March to the Holy Land, who brought this article to my attention.  The article contains several nuggets that are worth pondering.

  • “Is religious affiliation another opportunity cost of our digital world, something that will grow obsolete, like handwritten letters? And if so, what does this mean for the future of religious institutions?”
  • Internet use has led to an “increased social acceptance of people who identify as atheists.”
  • “The Organization Man of the 1950s might have measured his status in part by his church attendance, but the Digital Native of the 21st century marks his by the number of Twitter followers.”

The role of the Orthodox Christian Network is to assist parishioners by sharing God’s love and the teachings of Christ so that they may be more engaged parishioners each week. When one considers the findings from the May 2014 Gallup poll that “about a fifth of Americans said they believe the Bible is ‘an ancient book of fables, legends, history and moral precepts recorded by man'”*, one may wonder where we are going

The Wall Street Journal article closes by asking, “Who or what are we more likely to place our faith in on a daily basis—God or Google?”

We invite your involvement at the Orthodox Christian Network.  Your suggestions, questions and contributions are welcomed and appreciated.  If not now, when?

To read this excellent WSJ article by Journalist Christine Rosen, click here to visit the Wall Street Journal’s web site.

*New York Times, ‘Religious Constriction’ by Charles M. Blow, June 9, 2014.


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