Why We Must Pray for Myriam

Why We Must Pray for Myriam


Myriam is a 10 year old who fully understands Christianity ….

Essam Nagy, is the presenter of one of SAT-7 KIDS’ most popular programs called ‘Why is that? He interviewed Myriam in Irbil, Kurdistan During Christmas 2014. Quoting Cairo-born and based, Kuwait-raised Nancy, a qualified Christian psychologist working with a Christian ministry which supports families across the Middle East….

“He filmed one of the Iraqi child refugees who was forced to abandon her home, school and just about everything, to survive. She was filled with so much hope and faith in God… stunning! After enjoying the stability that every child desperately needs, suddenly this little girl was thrust into maximum instability with no home, no school, no friends, and a clearly unknown future. She taught us so much about the true meaning of faith. Myriam worships a God who gave up His only begotten Son and died so that she may have LIFE and have it more abundantly.

To watch the video on Myriam’s Story, click here.

When asked how she felt towards ISIS, Myriam said, “I don’t want revenge. I don’t want to kill them. I pray for them.” Wow! We’re reminded of the burning of churches that took place in Egypt over a year ago and the Christians who held up a sign in their burned down church that read, “My terrorist brother, I came today to pray for you.” We’re also reminded of the mother of a young girl who was shot and killed in front of her church, and the genuine forgiveness that this mom expressed to her daughter’s murderers. She declared on secular Egyptian TV that she not only forgives them, but prays that they would repent of their sins! And the brother of two of the young Egyptians murdered in Libya after going there simply to find work to support their families said the same. He called in to a live worship program on SAT-7 and prayed that God would open the eyes of his brothers’ killers.

How desperate is the world to see such real witness of the Church of Christ! Christ embodied a philosophy of life while ISIS embodies a philosophy of death. This is such an opportune time for Christians to be true ambassadors for Christ’s philosophy of life. We serve a living God and only if we are truly at peace with Him through the intimate type of knowledge He desires, can we be at peace with others (and forgive those who persecute and kill us), and be at peace with ourselves. As Ravi Zacharias recently quoted Thomas Merton, “We are not at peace with others because we are not at peace with ourselves, and we are not at peace with ourselves because we are not at peace with God.” Indeed, not until we are at peace with God, can we be salt and light to a desperate world.

For what kind of philosophy could possibly drive a human to burn another human to death alive or horrifically behead 21 innocent young men? What kind of philosophy could make this human so proud of such a gruesome crime that he would video tape it and display it to the world using professional production? That’s the question that thousands have been asking. It’s the question that has made it on talk shows, newspaper headlines, and certainly flooded social media outlets. People are hungry for answers like never before. Now more than ever before can people see the contrast in Christ’s powerful words, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).”

Myriam fled her home in Qaraqoush, Iraq to Irbil in late summer 2014. She lives in a refugee camp, having lost her home in Qaraqoush.

She is grateful as reflected in the questions and answers below:

Thank God he provides for us… God loves us and he would not let ISIS kill us. God loves us all.

Q:  Does God love those who harm you?

A:  Yes he does love all. He just doesn’t love Satan.  I will ask God to forgive those who harmed us. And Yes I forgive them too.

Q:  Why kill them?

A:  I am just sad they drove us from our homes.  I long for my very close friend Sandra. We love each other a lot. If anyone of us wronged the other, we forgave each other, we loved each other. I wish I could see Sandra again! I hope we can both go back home and meet each other again. I pray to God… Inşallah!

Q:  Don’t you sometimes feel Jesus has forsaken you?

No. Sometimes I cry that we left our home in Qaraqoush. But I am not angry at God for that. I always thank him because he provided for us. He saved us.

I learned a lot from you.

A:  And I from you. You taught me a lot, no you felt for me. I had some feelings I wanted people to know how I feel. Jesus will never forsake me.

Q:  Would you like to sing a song and talk to Jesus through it?

A:  How joyful is the day on which I believed in Christ.  My joy was made complete at dawn.  And my voice sang with gratitude.  My love for my glorious savior.  Day by day will it grow.  A new life, a joyful day.  When I reunite with my beloved.  Motivated by love, He came.  Oh, what an awesome love!.  He restored me to righteousness,.  On account of an honest covenant.  My love for my glorious savior.  Day by day will it grow.  A new life, a joyful day.  When I reunite with my beloved

May the Lord help Myriam and her family who taught her to be a true Christian from her tender age of 10. May God’s abundant grace be upon her. God please protect her and all the children who found themselves in this terrible catastrophe that we observe in the Middle East.   We ask it in thy Name.

To watch the video on Myriam’s Story, click here.

By Harry Dimopoulos

Harry Dimopoulos is Chairman of the Christian Rights and Freedom Ministry at St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church in Naples, Florida.


7 Steps:  How You Can Help in Defense of Persecuted Christians

The co-chairs of the Christian Rights and Freedom Ministry (Dr. Harry Dimopoulos, Archon Harry Demas and Richard Pappas) and Father Philemon Patitsas of St. Katherine Greek orthodox Church (Naples, FL) invite your questions and involvement.  The following 7 steps can assist you in ‘Uplifting Christ and Witnessing for Our Faith in the Face of Radical Extremism.

1.  Preserve Our Christian Identity

  • Align our minds and hearts with God’s calling. See Christ in others.
  • Glorify God daily; PRAY, fast & give alms.
  • Identify empathetically with the plight of persecuted Christians of the world.

2. Organize Ourselves for Success

  • Establish Christian Rights and Freedom ministries in communities throughout America.  Do you belong to one?
  • Organize local events & initiatives to educate, advocate, defend & counteract the antagonists of our faith.

3. Educate Ourselves and Others

  • ’Know Ourselves’ – Study our history, faith & culture
  • Develop clear policy positions so the public knows where we stand.
  • Expose misinformation to the light of truth.

4. Dialogue with the Public

  • Network with people concerned about the rise of Islamofascism.
  • Boycott producers of products that may be underwriting radical extremism & terrorism, such as oil produced by certain member states.
  • Advocate for energy self-sufficiency for America, and alternative energy sourcing options.
  • Advocate withholding foreign aid and military assistance to countries that are not aligned with our national interests.

5. Stand Up for Ourselves

  • Establish “Anti-Defamation Teams’ to challenge offensive remarks.
  • Petition officials who have the ability to influence public policy.
  • Advocate for economic sanctions; exercise our freedom of assembly.

6. Invest in the Cause

  • Donate to organizations that help the oppressed and promote the preservation of Western culture and values.
  • Fund infrastructure & activities that advance the cause of  Christian Rights & Freedom

7.  Purchase a ‘I Too Am a Nazarene’ Pin 

Purchase a ‘I Too Am a Nazarene’ pin to benefit persecuted Christians and refugees in the Middle East Conflict.  The Arabic letter “N” has been painted by ISIS/ISIL to target the homes of Christians for expulsion and obliteration. The symbol “N” stands for ‘Nazarene’ signifying that its residents are followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Pins are on sale through the St. Katherine Greek Orthodox church’s website. Pins are one inch square, and sell for $5 each, plus shipping and handling, shipping is waived for orders over 50 pins.

To order pins, please contact ChristianRelief7100@gmail.com or visit http://stkatherine.net

All proceeds from pin sales will be directed to the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) Middle East Fund to aid these suffering people. IOCC has had a continual presence in that part of the world almost since its inception in 1992, and was chosen as the recipient because its effectiveness in providing relief to the suffering people of the Middle East.

All churches and concerned organizations are encouraged to participate. For further information please contact ChristianRelief7100@gmail.com.

About First Annual National Christian Rights & Freedom Symposium 

On Saturday, March 14, 2015, St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church in Naples Florida and the South Florida Archons hosted its first annual National Christian Rights and Freedom Symposium – ‘Uplifting Christ and Witnessing for our Faith in the Face of Radical Extremism.

The First Annual National Christian Rights & Freedom Symposium featured several prominent speakers including Dr. Anthony Limberakis, National Commander and Archon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Rev. Father Fouad Saba, Dean of the St. George Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral (Coral Gables, FL), Father Philemon Patitsas, Presiding Priest of the St. Katherine Greek orthodox Church (Naples, FL), John Scurtis, Regional Commander and Archon, Harry Demas, Archon, and Dr. Harry Dimopoulos, Chairman of the Christian Rights and Freedom Ministry

To watch video highlights of the First Annual National Christian Rights and Freedom Symposium, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnDiwtAs52o.

To learn more about the First Annual National Christian Rights & Freedom Symposium visit http://stkatherine.net.

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Harry Dimopoulos

Harry Dimopoulos is Chairman of the Christian Rights and Freedom Ministry at St. Katherine Greek orthodox Church in Naples, Florida.