Reviewing <i>Woven</i>, An Interactive Book for Teenage Girls

Reviewing Woven, An Interactive Book for Teenage Girls


Woven, written by by Edna King and Zoe Pappas, is an interactive book for the modern teenage girl interested in learning more about Orthodox Christianity. Being 22 and a senior in college, I am a few years older than the target audience for this book. However, I still related to the content of what being a teenage girl is like.

I remember the dramas of high school and feeling too fat, too ugly, or too tall. I remember comparing myself to other girls, whether they were actual girls I knew or famous 25-year-old actresses on magazine covers. I also remember the advice given to me by my mom, aunts, girl-scout troop leaders, and Sunday school teachers that didn’t mean as much at the time as it does now. This book made me feel like I was traveling back in time to my early teenage years and talking with my mom about my hard day at school.

Woven is split into six informative chapters. These chapters include topics such as dealing with emotions, finding your identity, being a good friend, and advice on love—all from an Orthodox perspective. The themes of being your best self and acting in a way that shows you are a true follower of Christ are very well-written and prevalent in the book.

I could see reading and discussing Woven as being a great activity for female Goya retreats, as well as in Sunday school. I can also see a mom and her daughters sitting down together and reading this book one chapter at a time.

In order to get the full effect, the interactive activities should be read and completed in a group setting. Woven is a wonderfully written and insightful read for ladies of all ages.

Even though I am now in my 20s, I, like most teenagers, am still impacted by social media. And as a single woman, I can benefit from the book’s advice on how to best interact romantically with young men before marriage. I highly recommend this book to any and all Orthodox teen girls and to women in general. I’ll be sending my copy of Woven to my mother for her to read. I know she will enjoy the validation that the advice she gave me when I was growing up was right on target.

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