Yahoo: Greek Orthodox Church Bans Religious Rites at Cremations

Yahoo: Greek Orthodox Church Bans Religious Rites at Cremations


Orthodox Christianity does not support the cremation of human beings after they die. Because we believe that each person is created in the image of God, we treat the human body with care and honor it always. However, cremation continues to be a major part of the funeral industry in the United States.

In Greece, cremation is legal, but the Greek Orthodox Church has just taken a major step to discourage people from cremating the dead. Read the following article from Yahoo News.

Athens (AFP) – The Greek Orthodox Church says it will not provide religious rites for those who choose cremation, saying it disrespects the human body.

“The incineration of the body is not in keeping with the traditions and actions of the Church, for anthropological and theological reasons,” the Church said in a statement.

Cremation was only made legal in Greece in 2006 and there is still nowhere it can be carried out in the country.

That has not stopped the Church labeling a new law on procedures for cremation as “nihilism” which contributes to “the suppression of religion” and a “lack of respect for the human body.”

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