You Don’t Have to Make it Up

You Don’t Have to Make it Up


Be Transfigured –You Don’t Have to Make it Up

It has become very popular to make up your own religion by accepting one belief and rejecting another, or following one practice but inventing a new individual custom to follow. There is a better way. For centuries holy men and women, righteous figures of the Old and New Testament, have been following a way of life established by God, and they “were well attested for their faith.” (Hebrews 11.39) The way of life Christ has given His Church, the Orthodox Way of Life, has been tried and tested, defended and perfected, for centuries, so we could receive this Holy Tradition today. This is the faith of the Orthodox that is celebrated on the Sunday of Orthodoxy. God became man, so that man could be united to God. This is the truth the Church has defended in Holy Icons and our way of life. And that belief has consequences. Do you believe? Then follow the Church. Do you want to follow Christ? Then follow the way of life He has already given to us in His Church. You don’t have to make it up.


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Father Athanasios C Haros is the Pastor at the Transfiguration of Our Savior Greek Orthodox Church in Florence, South Carolina. His sermon series, known as “Be Transfigured” are found each week on the Orthodox Christian Network. You can find more information about his parish at, and

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Fr. Athanasios Haros

I am an Orthodox Christian priest. I have been Orthodox my entire life and a priest since July 2007. From my perspective, in America at least, we have lost the functional understanding of our Orthodox Christian Faith. We must take seriously that our Traditions have purpose and are not a just a litany of tasks and obligations we must perform. To "boil down" the Faith to that creates an environment I believe is what the Apostle Paul taught against. Glory to God.