Our Parent Organization

The Orthodox Christian Network is an official agency of the Assembly of Bishops, originally commissioned by SCOBA to create a national, sustainable, and effective media witness for Orthodox Christianity throughout North America. In a constantly changing media landscape, OCN delivers positive, relevant Orthodox content via multiple delivery platforms, reaching today’s internet users via broadcast, podcast, video, blogging, and webinar content. “Come Receive the Light,” OCN’s flagship program hosted by Fr. Christopher Metropulos, is the only nationally syndicated Orthodox Christian radio broadcast. OCN works in direct collaboration with sister Assembly agencies (e.g., IOCC, OCMC, OCF, OCPM), as well as with various Orthodox Christian jurisdictions and pan-Orthodox, para-church organizations. Our goal is to engage the broader culture of North America with Orthodox Christianity’s rich theological, spiritual, and moral heritage, and to thereby strengthen the Orthodox Church’s witness and contribution to the culture in which we live.


Our Board of Directors


His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, Honorary Chairman/Advisor
His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios, Honorary Chairman/Advisor
His Grace Bishop Peter of Cleveland, Episcopal Liaison of the Assembly of Canonical Bishops
Rev. Dr. Christopher T. Metropulos, Executive Director
Dr. George Mekras – Chairman
Nicholas J. Furris – 1st Vice Chairman
Joanne Mitchell – 2nd Vice Chairman
Antonio Maiorana – Treasurer
Nick Mavrick – Secretary
Garry Paxinos – Assistant Secretary

Board Members

Michael Angelakos
Evangeline Gouletas
George Gretsas
Tom Lagos
Charles Lelon
Tom Leon
Alex Machaskee
Steve Mamangakis
Peter Pappas
George Psetas
Estelle Sotirhos
Christos Tsavoussis
George Psetas
Rev. Dr. Steven Zorzos