Our Mission

The mission of the Orthodox Christian Network is to bring the Orthodox Faith to the Fingertips of all Orthodox Christian around the world.

To accomplish our mission we utilize today’s digital platforms to produce and provide unlimited access to faith-inspiring programming including podcasts, daily devotionals, blog posts, live streaming worship and much more.

Our Vision

The heart behind our mission is to inspire the Orthodox everywhere, nurture our children in the faith, welcome back those who have lapsed, and with the joyful, Christ-centered message of the Church reach out to, invite and lovingly welcome,all those outside our Orthodox Christian family, making them our own.

With church attendance declining and many feeling alone in their faith it is the call of our generation to bring Orthodoxy to those seeking to grow. The statistics have shown that if we want to reach people, we need to reach them where they are – online – and that is why our media missions ministry is vital to spreading the love of Orthodoxy. Using a multimedia approach we hope to engage the broader culture of North America with Orthodox Christianity’s rich theological, spiritual, and moral heritage, and to thereby strengthen the Orthodox Church’s witness and contribution to the culture in which we live.

Supporting the Orthodox Community Since 1995


Who We Are:

The Orthodox Christian Network is an official agency of the Assembly of Bishops, originally commissioned by SCOBA to create a national, sustainable, and effective media witness for Orthodox Christianity throughout North America. In a constantly changing media landscape, OCN delivers positive, relevant Orthodox content online using multiple delivery platforms. We reach today’s internet users via broadcast, podcast, video, blogging, and webinar content.

OCN not only produces original content but also works in direct collaboration with sister Assembly agencies (e.g., IOCC, OCMC, OCF, OCPM), as well as with various Orthodox Christian jurisdictions and pan-Orthodox, para-church organizations.


Our History:


 OCN is not underwritten financially by any one organization, jurisdiction, or individual. Rather, OCN is supported entirely by your donations, partnerships, & grants. Please remember OCN in your charitable giving. The Orthodox Christian Network is a 501(c)(3) corporation.