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The Rudder is a 24/7 Internet Radio station providing Orthodox sacred music of Orthodox worship. The Rudder is powered by the Orthodox Christian Network.

The Rudder is programmed by Dr. Vladimir Morosan , the host of  Icons in Sound, who has worked in Orthodox liturgical music for over 35 years, as a scholar, as a choral conductor, as a teacher, and as a publisher. The Rudder offers a unique opportunity to reach people throughout the world and in all walks of life, Orthodox and non-Orthodox, clergy and laity, with the beautiful and transforming music of Orthodox worship.

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    Vlad Morosan

    Dr. Vladimir Morosan is one of the leading experts outside Russia in the field of Orthodox liturgical music. He is Founder and President of Musica Russica, a publishing company specializing in the publication and dissemination of Orthodox choral music throughout the Western world. He is also the Director of the “Orthodox Sacred Music Reference Library” Project ( ), the largest online library of Orthodox music. As Founder and Artistic Director of Archangel Voices , a professional-level choral ensemble, he has recorded six CDs of Orthodox liturgical music in English; he is also the composer and editor of numerous choral arrangements. He serves as Project Lead for music editing and online instruction for the Department of Liturgical Music of the Orthodox Church in America. A tonsured reader in the Orthodox Church, he currently serves as Director of Liturgical Singing at St. Katherine Orthodox Mission in Carlsbad, California.


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