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ELENI Aeleni headshotLEXIOU

Eleni brings to OCN diverse experience as an accomplished director in both nonprofit and for-profit sectors.   She holds a BS from Florida State University and a Master’s of Clinical Social Work from Simmons College School.  She was drawn to OCN because of the importance of celebrating Orthodoxy worldwide.  Eleni is a leader in non-profits and administration with 15+ years of supervisory experience, staff development & management, program development, coordinating of volunteers, Orthodox community outreach, and fundraising.  Eleni joined OCN to inspire and spread media ministry in the Orthodoxy.  She is our Managing Director at OCN.


ROGER HUNTorthodox christian radio

Roger got the composing/arranging bug and wrote mainly for small vocal ensembles.   Roger produces recordings, concerts and commercial jingles, winning several local and regional ADDY awards.   He continues arranging music for church ensembles, working as a music copyist, producer and recording and engineer, in the 2000’s, he moved to Los Angeles, where he became an assistant and orchestrator for Ron Jones Productions on two Prime-Time Shows for Fox Television.  Roger is on our Communications Team at OCN.



Mallory comes to OCN with an experience of non-profits, marketing and communications. She holds a BS from The University of Central Florida. Working with OCN allows her to enrich her faith and share with other young Orthodox families throughout the world. Mallory is part of our Social Media Team.



HELEN LEVENETZ Helen Head Shot_small

After a long career in hospital materials management, Helen Levenetz joined her husband, Vladimir Morosan, as CFO of Musica Russica, a company specializing in the publication and dissemination of Orthodox choral music throughout the Western world. She has directed choirs in parishes of the Orthodox Church in America and the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese. As Program Manager for The Rudder, Helen is passionate about providing people with a top-quality and season-appropriate listening experience that draws upon the beauty of the various Orthodox national traditions.  She is on the Communications Team at OCN.



A life-long Orthodox Christian, Katy Mena-Berkley is passionate about ministering through the written and spoken word.  Katy holds a BA from University of Georgia and is currently pursuing her Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Tennessee.   She currently works as a professional writer and yoga instructor.  Katy is on our Communications Team at OCN.





Morosan Vladimir 2-2-15 smallDR. VLADMIR MOROSAN

Dr. Vladmir has been with OCN since 2009.  He is one of the leading experts outside Russia in the field of Orthodox liturgical music. He is Founder and President of Musica Russica, a publishing company specializing in the publication and dissemination of Orthodox choral music throughout the Western world.   He has served as consultant to the music departments of the Orthodox Church in America and the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese. A tonsured reader, he currently serves as Director of Liturgical Singing at St. Katherine Orthodox Mission in Carlsbad, California.  We Orthodox Christians offer liturgical singing to the Lord in our services as our “sacrifice of praise.” It is also a great gift of beauty the Orthodox Church has to offer to the world, and, thanks be to God, we are able to do so through the Internet radio ministry of The Rudder on OCN.  He is on the Communications Team at OCN.



RON SPIEGEL  Ron Head Shot

Ron is part of the production team which produces This Week in Orthodoxy. Ron, owner of Astoria Communications, Inc. a full service audio video company located in South Florida that services the association, corporate, convention and entertainment markets.  He has been a participant in the growth of OCN since its inception.  Ron designed, engineered and built the OCN Studio located in Florida. Ron Spiegel is responsible for managing the studio which includes the recording and editing of interviews, podcasts and promos.  Ron is on our Communications Team.



Carla was born and raised in Washington, DC.  Her background includes law and marketing.  She holds a BA from the University of Maryland and a Master’s of Law from George Washington University.  She was drawn to the OCN because of its mission to support the Orthodox faith and create sparks of goodness.  She says that “working with the OCN allows me to learn about and enrich my faith on a daily basis, and to share it with my family, and others, in a positive way.” Carla is on OCN’s Communication team. 

MEET OCN Contributors

OCN is honored to feature the work of these gifted authors, teachers, thinkers, priests, parents, young adults and human beings on our website. To learn more about them and read their work, click on their names below. 

Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis

Tom Allen

Presvytera Maria Antokas

Fr. Dimitrios J. Antokas 

Richard Barrett 

Trish Bartlett

Fr. Stavros Ballas

Fr. Niko Bekris

Joanne Jamis Cain

Jason Chacko

Bev Cooke

Presvytera Melanie DiStefano

Andrew Estocin

James Hargrave

Michael Haldas

Hank Hanegraaff

Presvytera Alexandra Houck

Roger Hunt

Fr. Gregory Joyce

Fr. Constantine Lazarakis

Cynthia Long

Alexia Loughman

Fr. Demetrios Kazakis 

Yianni Magoulias

Fr. Chris Makiej

Fr. Michael Marcantoni

Fr. Chris Metropulos

Katy Mena-Berkley

Fr. Stelyios Muksuris

Fr. John Parker

Dr. Elizabeth Prodromou

Lea Povozhaev

Fr. Anthony Shenouda

Fr. Anthony Tandilyan 

Mark Tarpley

Fr. Vasile Tudora

Fr. Luke Veronis


OCNMediaMinistryLogo small logo

Today’s technology can make everything seem possible and has the power to reach across the globe.  The Digital Disciple Scholarship Program trains the next generation to use the tools before them, that most interact with on a daily basis.  OCN thanks the sponsors who assist with funding this program.  The purpose is to train our future ministry leaders to use multi-media resources as another tool in spreading the Gospel.  Students from both the College and Graduate School promote current issues related to the Orthodox Faith, Christian Persecution, and cover Orthodox News and events on campus and nationwide.  This OCN program is part of the Hellenic College Holy Cross Work-Study Program, which allows flexible hours for student work on campus.