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There for the Taking

There for the Taking I had the opportunity to do my hospital ministry during seminary at Shattuck Hospital. It was one of the poorest hospitals in the…

Feb 16, 2017
Led by the Spirit

The Price of Success

The Price of Success It is possible that many of you have not heard of Dave Camarillo. His father had been a highly ranked Judo competitor and so from…

Dec 30, 2016
Led by the Spirit

In the Service

In the Service It is customary on the day of Ordination to offer a few words before the bishop. On the day of my ordination to the Diaconate, being a lover…

Dec 27, 2016
Led by the Spirit

A Fatal Passivity

A Fatal Passivity   When I recently returned home from the war in August of 2003, I tried to get my life back to some sense of normality. A major…

Dec 20, 2016
Led by the Spirit

The Price on Our Heads

The Price On Our Heads In America the word “Slavery” calls to mind very specific and charged imagery from our Nation’s past.  But the institution…

Dec 13, 2016
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Can I Get A Witness

Can I Get A Witness? On July 26th I served Divine Liturgy as we commemorated Saint Paraskevi, a great saint and martyr. That same day, Father Jacques Hamel…

Dec 07, 2016
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Seize the Day

Seize the Day We often pray and wait for the opportunity to realize our hopes and dreams. What if that time was Today? Watch and listen to learn more….

Sep 16, 2016
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Vegas Odds

Vegas Odds When God famously allows Job to be afflicted, his test turns out to be a Divine vote of confidence.  If God is “betting on us”,…

Sep 14, 2016
Led by the Spirit

Co-Worker Issues

Co-Worker Issues Life involves no shortage of work.  There is labor, toil, struggle and yet the Scriptures call us the “co-workers” of God. …

Sep 12, 2016
Led by the Spirit

Helpful Diet Tips

Helpful Diet Tips For the Orthodox Christian, roughly half the year is taken up with Fasting Days.  The rules for our fasts often make little sense to…

Sep 10, 2016
Led by the Spirit

Peace Treaty

Peace Treaty In a time of turmoil and anxiety, how can we be expected to have peace of mind?  If the Peace of Christ is not like the peace of this world,…

Sep 08, 2016
Led by the Spirit

The iDisease

The iDisease The eyes help us see things other than our own selves.  Nevertheless, our obsession with ourselves blinds us and keeps us from reaching…

Sep 06, 2016