Opportunities to Join Us & Assist with Orthodox Outreach

The Orthodox Christian Network provides thousands of hours of programming each year to build up the faithful and redeem the lost.

Christ commanded us to go forth and make disciples out of all the world. At the Orthodox Christian Network, we aim to be at the forefront of the effort to fulfill Our Lord’s commandment. Will you help us proclaim the Kingdom to this new age?

Support Opportunities

Become an OCN Sponsor

These are the faithful who have made a larger commitment of support to The Orthodox Christian Network.  You will be part of the financial foundation of our ministry. Learn how you can become a Share the Light Sponsor!

Give A Monthly Gift

What do you and your family turn to between church services?  If you are like most Orthodox Christians you stay connected through prayer, via email with your church, listening to liturgical music and Christian talk radio, watching Orthodox sermons, interacting on social media, interfacing with Orthodox apps, and fellowship at events.

Receive a Prayer Rope with your gift Today

The Orthodox Christian Network is praying with you in your everyday faith walks, and we want to continue to grow together. That is why, with your donation today, we want to send you the gift of a Prayer Rope Bracelet blessed over the relics of Saints Demetrios, Peter and Paul. We hope that it will not only be a daily reminder of your Faith and prayers but also a reminder that you are a part of our world-wide community of Orthodox Christians praying with and for you.

Dedicate A Gift

Help me share the Love of Orthodoxy!  This year I wanted to do something different with my birthday. I wanted to share the love of Orthodoxy and I need your help! Please donate in my name today to the OCN. Your support will help provide faith-inspiring programs, services and a world-wide Orthodox community. I can not think of a better way to celebrate my birthday then by celebrating my faith!

Donate 10 Cents A Day

Your donation of $36.50 (10 Cents per Day) helps us reach at least 10 new people.  We are thankful you are choosing to join us in this important effort.

Share the Light Sunday Ambassador

The Orthodox Christian Network’s mission is to strengthen Orthodox communities, and we depend on Orthodox communities to strengthen us in our mission. Please support us by setting aside one Sunday this year to celebrate “Share the Light Sunday” in your parish. Learn more about The Orthodox Christian Network and Share the Light Sunday.

Request A Speak/ Host an Event

Host an event at your parish or in your community! Feature one of our team members as a speaker at a benefit dinner, concert, or other event. Invite our staff to speak at or cover your community events. Our event coordinator can help you plan and coordinate the event.  Please email: