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CrossRoaders Take on Project Adventure

Day 2 of Session II of the CrossRoad Summer Institute began with Orthros at Holy Cross Chapel. Following the service, our CrossRoaders participated in the second part of the StrengthsFinder reflection, where students were able to share their strengths by acting out skits. The group then headed up north to a ropes course run by

Jul 09, 2015
Orthodox News

9th Annual Summer Patristic Studies

July 19 – 24, 2015  At the Pappas Patristic Institute of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology Brookline, Massachusetts A Unique Opportunity…

Jul 09, 2015
The Sounding

God is Father

God is Father. What does that mean? Here’s what it doesn’t mean: We have, as a human reality, such a thing as fatherhood. Because we can’t really…

Jul 08, 2015
The Children's Word

The Children’s Word: Evil in Our Hearts?

Welcome to The Children’s Word, a weekly ministry of the Orthodox Christian Network brought to you by Presvytera Alexandra Houck! This week, Presvytera…

Jul 08, 2015
Come Receive the Light

Out of Their Comfort Zone

Do you know when the first Orthodox Christians came to Florida?  A new source shows that a ship of Orthodox Christians including a priest was in America…

Jul 08, 2015
Orthodox News

All Saints Summer Camp

All Saints Summer Camp is an OCA regional camp sponsored by the Dallas Deanery and the Mississippi River Deanery of the Diocese of the South. The camp…

Jul 07, 2015
Be Renewed in Christ

Freedom in Christ

“It is not freedom when we say everything is permitted. This is slavery.” These words from St​.​ Paisios the Athonite, one of the newly canonized…

Jul 07, 2015
Orthodox News

IOCC Expands Relief to Greece’s Growing Poor

July 6, 2015 (Baltimore, MD)— Greece’s rapidly declining economy has prompted the country’s banks to close their doors, leaving millions…

Jul 07, 2015
Orthodox News

Introduction of the Papal Encyclical, Laudato Si’ at the United Nations

Report by John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker Directors, Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology http://fore.yale.edu/ On June 30, 2015 a high level discussion…

Jul 07, 2015

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have exciting news! This week, the Orthodox Christian Network surpassed 500,000 Facebook fans, making our ministry the largest Orthodox Christian presence on the internet. Thank you! Because of your support;

  • – Our programs have a weekly reach of five million people on Facebook.
  • – 75% of our fans are under the age of 34.
  • – OCN is watched, read and listened to in 196 countries.

Please join us in celebrating this tremendous success by giving to the “10 Cent A Day” campaign. 100% of your gift will go directly to expanding this ministry, 0% to overhead. Help us continue our mission of comforting, inspiring and informing the next generation of Orthodox Christians, persecuted Christians and faith-seekers around the world.

On behalf of all of the Orthodox Christian Network, I thank you for 20 years of support for our beloved ministry.

— Fr. Christopher T. Metropulos, OCN Executive Director

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