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Pemptousia Partnership

The Incarnation of God, the Good News of the New Testament and the Mother of God

Alexandros Christodoulou With His incarnation, His humanization, God entered the innermost core of our lives in the most obvious way. He entered our circulatory…

Dec 27, 2016
Come Receive the Light

Choosing Suicide Over Suffering

Listen as Fr. Chris talks with Dr. Ary Christofides, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the founder of Orthodox Christian Counseling Institute (OCCI),…

Dec 16, 2016
The Sounding Blog

Ho, Ho, Holiness in the Simplicity and Purity of God

  “THINK of shepherds who are made wise, think of priests who teach, of women who are delighted, when Gabriel teaches Mary joy, when Elisabeth has…

Dec 01, 2015
Come Receive the Light

Forgiveness Is a Journey

Do you desire forgiveness but don’t know where to start?  Listen as Fr. Chris speaks with Maria Molett, a licensed marriage and family therapist and…

Sep 25, 2015
Orthodox News

Metropolitan Methodios: Christmas Celebrates God’s Becoming Man to Restore Man to God

A Christmas Reflection by His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios of Boston Once again this Christmas we celebrate the birth of the only begotten Son and Logos…

Dec 17, 2014
Beauty Will Save the World

Orthodox Iconography

In this first episode of “Beauty Will Save The World,” with Fr. Barnabas Powell, we learn about the true significance of Orthodox Iconography….

Nov 15, 2014