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The Rendition of Easter

Archimandrite Daniil G. Aerakis   The Resurrection continues. This is shown by the feast of the Rendition of Easter. The same messages from the night…

May 25, 2017
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Why were the Myrrh-Bearers the first to hear that Christ had risen?

Metropolitan Avgoustinos (Kantiotis) of Florina († 2010)   And he said to them: ‘Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified….

May 04, 2017
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Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women

Saint John Chrysostom   One of the most striking features of Christianity is that it is not culture-based. Judaism is Jewish, the Olympian gods were…

Apr 30, 2017
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The Resurrection: an affront to reason

Archimandrite Epiphanios Ekonomou   It’s hardly surprising that the message of the Resurrection of Christ has raised a whole host of doubts and…

Apr 22, 2017
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A Brief Comment on the Icon of the Resurrection

Athanasios Moustakis   We shall try here to point out the main features of the Orthodox icon which is entitled “The Descent into Hell”. The first…

Apr 19, 2017
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The Cross and the Resurrection

Protopresbyter Vasileios Kalliakmanis   a) The Cross leads to the Resurrection, Great Friday bears fruit on the bright Sunday of Easter. Sorrow, listlessness…

Apr 18, 2017
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The Hope of “the Servants of the Lord” While Crossing the “Desert”

“Behold my servant, whom I have chosen; my beloved, in whom my soul is well pleased: I will put my spirit upon him, and he shall shew judgment to the…

Apr 16, 2017
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The Resurrection in the Orthodox Church

Saint Justin Popovich In the Orthodox Church, the Resurrection is not merely the ‘feast of feasts’, but the all-embracing feast, which is the soul…

Apr 16, 2017
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Why was the stone rolled away from the entry to the tomb?

Elder Epifanios Theodoropoulos   There can hardly be any Christian believer who doesn’t know that an angel descended from heaven and rolled away…

Apr 15, 2017
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A brief journey through the events of Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection

Fr. Michael Kardamakis   All of the events of Holy Week represent an attempt by man, in his freedom to love, to share in the sacrificial love of God,…

Apr 14, 2017