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Led by the Spirit

The Price of Success

The Price of Success It is possible that many of you have not heard of Dave Camarillo. His father had been a highly ranked Judo competitor and so from…

Dec 30, 2016

Continuing the Alaskan Missionary Tradition

Inspired by the OCMC, the Orthodox Christian Network will be featuring the outstanding missionary outreach of this organization who, in the spirit of…

Jan 25, 2016
Be Transfigured

Is Our Lenten Struggle Worth It?

Half-way through Great Lent, we are tired, hungry, and a bit grumpy, and the Church encourages us to keep up the struggle if we desire to be with God in…

Mar 17, 2015
Orthodox News

In Selma, a Day of Honor and Tribute to the Legacy of Struggle and Sacrifice, Equality and Freedom

SELMA, Ala. – Thousands of people attended the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the 1965 National Voting Rights Act and “Bloody Sunday,”…

Mar 09, 2015