Archbishop Demetrios DIMITRIOS PANAGOS2“A very important ministry…It’s a community of mission, of apostolic work.  We are thankful, we commend you for making these waves through electronic and internet.  These have become a wave effect like an ocean reaching in the future not 3 million but billions of people.” +Archbishop Demetrios


bishop Gregory“The OCN is a wonderful means with which to stay connected with the Orthodox world.  Every week we receive reports about events occurring around the globe, commentaries by several writers, insightful interviews where the listeners can hear about various aspects of Orthodoxy’s impact in the world. Listening from the beginning, I personally have learned much from this ministry of the Church. Thank you OCN – keep up the good work!”

+Bishop Gregory of Nyssa



  • “The lives touched by this wonderful ministry is amazing. Keep up the great work!” ~OCN Supporter from Woodlands, TX
  • “Listening to OCN podcasts give me the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the Orthodox faith. And listening to the variety of presenters and those they interview allows me to apply my Orthodox faith to daily living. Thank you.” ~ OCN Fan from Mason, OH.
  • “I am a college student and catechumen in the Orthodox church. I decided I wanted to pursue Orthodoxy not long before I left for the semester, so it has been hard to be away while I am still trying to process this journey. I am very thankful to have found OCN, your programming and resources have answered some of the questions I have had and is helpful for keeping my head on straight.” ~ OCN College Fan from Amman Jordan
  • “Good morning.  Good to hear your voice presenting Come Receive the Light.” ~ OCN Listener from Cornwall, England
  • “I just wanted to say that i have recently discovered your site and have not stopped reading and listening. I am a Religious education and spiritual studies teacher at an Anglican school but I am of Orthodox faith myself. I find all your entries very suitable for my senior classes.  God bless you and thank you once again for this much needed” ~ OCN Supporter from Georgia