Our Programming Policy
OCN offers programming in support of its mission and vision. It is our hope that the variety of approaches this permits will increase our effectiveness by ensuring that we reach the greatest number of people possible. Our programming includes teaching, interviews with leaders and everyday believers in the Orthodox faith, and programs designed to provide information that will increase our ability to present our Orthodox faith in the context of the wider, secular world.
Our teaching programs focused on Orthodox doctrine and living within the practice of the Orthodox Church make up the majority of our site content, supporting the major goal of OCN.
Interviews with leaders in the Orthodoxy are conducted by a representative of OCN. The purpose of these interviews is to present a genuine Orthodox perspective or teaching on the issue under discussion. Many interviews are covered through our show “Come Receive the Light.”
OCN offers programming that comprises interviews, podcasts, blogs, or articles specifically intended to provoke discussion and contemplation about the issues we face in daily life. When a guest is interviewed for this type of program, or asked to write on a subject for this purpose, our invitation does not constitute an endorsement of the guest’s beliefs or actions. Guests are selected on the basis of their ability to provide information or perspective that will be of value to our Orthodox listeners. Examples of this type of program include some interviews on “Come Receive the Light” and “OCN Now,” and also some articles that may appear on “The Sounding” or elsewhere on the website from time to time.
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We live in a complex world, and our ability to make good decisions comes from our strong foundation in Orthodoxy and our genuine understanding of the people and problems around us. Our primary goal is to share the truth of Orthodoxy with the world. Our secondary goal is to generate fruitful conversations that strengthen us in our own faith and increase our ability to share it in meaningful ways with our fellow human beings. It is not easy to speak or listen to people with whom we have little in common. But here at OCN, we believe in making the effort when doing so will contribute to the greater good.
We are not saints yet, and neither are our guests. But if we put aside judgment and criticism, and delve into the issues with honesty and sincerity, we hope that by the Grace of God, our conversations may contribute to our own salvation and to the salvation of our listeners. Only God knows how our words and deeds can be used to touch the lives of others.