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Feast of Healthy Thoughts

Thomas Sunday – On Fear and Love

The Sunday after Christ’s crucifixion, the disciples are lost. Fear has paralyzed them as they hide themselves behind closed doors. Fr. Anthony Tandilyan’s…

Apr 21, 2017

Flash Mob in Beirut Mall Sings ‘Christ is Risen!’

Experience the joy of knowing that Christ destroyed death and cleared a path for our ultimate salvation and life everlasting. That’s exactly what one…

Apr 18, 2017
Orthodox News

Historic 15th Annual Washing of the Feet Service by Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago

At the last supper our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ kneeled down and washed the dirty feet of each of his disciples. Imagine what your feet would look…

Apr 18, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

‘You Who clothed Yourself with light as a garment’ – Great Friday Vespers

‘You Who clothed Yourself with light as a garment’. Hymn at the taking down from the Cross, Great Friday Vespers. Sung in plagial tone 1 by Elder Iakovos,…

Apr 14, 2017

The Walk to Golgotha – Holy Land Film Series

The Walk to Golgotha takes us to the places and moments that led to the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.The film is part of a series on the Holy Land…

Apr 12, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

“In tears, the harlot…” – Hymns of Holy Wednesday

Archimandrite Pavlos chants hymns of Holy Wednesday. Source:     ABOUT THE ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN NETWORK  The Orthodox Christian…

Apr 12, 2017
Adult Study Classes

Adult Education – “Getting in Our Own Way: Church Decline and How We Are Inadvertently Part of the Problem”

The Orthodox Church is declining in America. So is Christianity in general. Six out of ten young people are leaving the church after college never to return….

Apr 11, 2017
Led by the Spirit

It Gets Personal

Watch Fr. Michael Marcantoni as he speaks about  Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, one of the most prolific of modern Orthodox Theologians, and how he challenged…

Apr 10, 2017
Feast of Healthy Thoughts

On Poor Lazarus and the Rich Man

Fr. Anthony tells the story of poor Lazarus to young Michael Tandilyan who participates in the telling of the story as Fr. Tandilyan draws lessons of wisdom…

Apr 06, 2017
Adult Study Classes

Adult Education – Subtle Idols

“Subtle Idols – The Not So Obvious Things that Keep Our Hearts from God.” The Scriptures and the Holy Fathers warn us repeatedly about the dangers…

Apr 03, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

Analogia, a new Academic Journal for Theological Studies

Fr. Nikolaos Loudovikos, Professor at the University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki and Senior Editor of “Analogia”, presents “Analogia”…

Mar 31, 2017
Christ in You

Orthodoxy Unplugged – Feast of the Annunciation

 Watch Now and reconnect with God during Great Lent. About Fr. Chris Makiej Fr. Chris Makiej is a priest at Saints Constantine and Helen Church of Andover,…

Mar 30, 2017