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Pemptousia Partnership

The power of prayer and fasting (Mk. 9, 17-31)

As Christians, thoughtfully done prayers and fasts can help us realize our impact on the salvation of the world; Jesus has made it clear that believers…

Apr 22, 2016
Come Receive the Light

Fasting is More Than a Diet

Is gluttony a real thing? Can food do more than nourish you? Is the fast a diet or something more? Listen as Fr. Chris discusses fasting with Fr. Patrick…

Apr 15, 2016
Department of Religious Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

Great Books for Lent

Inspired by the Department of Religious Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, the Orthodox Christian Network features Great Books, Music & Teaching…

Mar 25, 2016
Be Renewed in Christ

Preparing for our Lenten Journey

“Preparing for our Lenten Journey”- Great Lent 2016 Just as we make plans for our summer vacations, we need to make plans for our Lenten Journey….

Mar 23, 2016
Orthodox Christian Reference Guide

Fasting, The Orthodox Christian Way

How are you fasting during Great Lent?  This year, the Orthodox Church began its forty-day fasting period (more than 40 this year!) on Monday, March 14th,…

Mar 18, 2016
Orthodoxy Explained

Theological and Historical Aspects of Lent

His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios spoke to the staff and students of Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology during the Annual Clean…

Mar 16, 2016
The True Life, Αληθινή Zωή

Εισαγωγή στην Μεγάλη Σαρακοστή Introduction to Great Lent

  True Life- Greek is a weekly program that strives to enlighten our daily lives with the light of Scripture and wisdom of the Church fathers. The…

Mar 15, 2016
The Sounding

Cheesefare Weary

Today I am feeling weary – of an illness that has plagued me for half my life, of my bad eating habits, of my fears for my child and his future….

Mar 15, 2016
The Sounding

Welcoming Lent with Joy and Reverence

The Great and Holy Fast of our Sacred Orthodox Church has begun. It is a fast that commences with marked strictness. In the monasteries and at our Sacred…

Mar 14, 2016
The Sounding

In Anticipation of Great Lent

There is something wonderful about anticipation.  The moments right before an important trip when we are waiting for something to happen and our adrenaline…

Mar 10, 2016