Lenten Nourishment Study Group with Dietitian Krista Fedorchak

The Orthodox fasting seasons grant us an opportunity to enrich our spiritual lives through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, but modifying our typical food choices can sometimes be confusing, daunting, or difficult. Yes, fasting should be a struggle, but one of a spiritual nature, not a struggle at the grocery store or in the kitchen. Register HERE to join us every Wednesday at 7pm EST beginning March 17th (full – waiting list available).

In this free weekly Lenten Nourishment workshop, Registered Dietitian Krista Fedorchak will help participants to transform any preoccupation with diet into a simplified & balanced approach to eating, so that we can embrace the practice of fasting freely and fully, unlocking the spiritual benefits of this ancient Christian discipline. This discussion-based group will cover topics ranging from Orthodox fasting practices and eating in moderation to meal planning and proper feasting (includes a live cooking demo!) Handouts, short readings, and reflection questions will be provided each week.

The Lenten Nourishment Study Group  is a six session program with limited spots available, so we ask that participants register with the intention of attending all sessions. 



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