We are very excited to announce a tremendous grant of $20,000 by the Libra Social Responsibility towards our efforts to support those in Ukraine. Their support has already been disbursed to help journalist families in immediate need from Ukraine. 

Special thank you as well to the many donors who came forward recently to help support our Orthodox Christian media outreach in Ukraine. We have been featured consistently on a local cable channel there as well as across social media to faithful and faith seekers in and out of Ukraine. If you would like to support future Orthodox Christian programming or local journalists in Ukraine please reach out at any time.

We are connected to the internet like never before entering the digital age of our faith. OCN is the vehicle that brings our faith to us any day, any time, and anywhere we find ourselves throughout the world. OCN is a 100% donor-supported ministry.

To contribute to OCN efforts to support journalists in Ukraine, make your own gift here.



OCN Team is comprised of these gifted authors, teachers, thinkers, priests, parents, young adults and human beings at the Orthodox Christian Network.


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