Mass media is used very effectively today to spread powerful messages. Wherever we go, the messages delivered through the various forms of mass media reach us and influence us more than we are aware. Through the power of mass media we have become a world nation. As a result, the mission field is no longer a far away land; it has become the mass media culture that has taken root all around us. Will our church reach out to engage this culture and transform it for Christ utilizing the latest forms of media communication?


Despite all the luxuries and conveniences of modern life, statistics tell us that people are searching for more:

  • 88% say, “My religious faith is very important in my life.”
  • 75% suggest they want a closer connection with God.
  • Roughly 120 million adults are open to changing their church home.

We also know that people turn to media in their search.

  • 141 million Americans listen to religious radio at least once a month.

Will our church fully tap into the power of mass media to enlighten people with the truth? We can show you how.


The natural response to light is life. A tree only grows when it receives light. Our spiritual lives need light to grow as well. OCN is using the tool of mass media to bring light into the lives of people and parishes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. OCN is helping people respond to the unique issues of our day, sharing stories of faith, and providing people with much needed daily inspiration and wisdom to develop stronger, healthier, and abundant lives. Will our church do all that it can to be a force of life in an ever-changing world?


Our numbers are telling us that we are reaching people. Thousands of new listeners and readers from countries around the world come to OCN’s site each year. This is accomplished through limited human and financial resources. It has been said that we should pray that God uses us to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people in the least amount of time. Where else can we do that more effectively than in mass media? Can you envision what we could accomplish if every Orthodox Christian supported OCN? Can you envision the lives that could be changed for the better if all of our faithful included our church’s media outreach as a part of their annual charitable giving?


While we have this very effective tool for reaching people, spreading the Gospel, and growing our parishes, it can only be at its most effective when all the members of the body of Christ unite in support of the Church’s efforts in mass media. It takes many workers to reap a bountiful harvest. Whether in prayer, time, talent, or finances, your investment in OCN helps our parishes to become stronger and reach the communities around them. Entrust OCN as your Church’s media ministry, so that all of us, working arm in arm together, will sow seeds that develop into strong roots in this new mission field.



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