Award winning journalist John S. Dickerson joins Hank to discuss the credibility and impact of Christianity as detailed in Dickerson’s new book Jesus Skeptic. They discuss how Christianity has impacted and shaped our culture, including how followers of Jesus helped to abolish slavery, establish public education, found modern hospitals, support women’s rights, drive racial reconciliation, and fight for justice and progress in various other arenas. In a generation that wants to make the world a better place, this episode will display what humanity’s greatest champions had in common: a Christian faith.

Topics discussed include: Is the great evangelical recession global? (1:30); what if Jesus Christ had never been born? (4:05); why are so many people skeptical of Jesus and Christianity? (11:15); the role of Christians in the foundation of colleges, universities and education as we know it (14:50); political correctness in universities today and the danger of losing freedom thought (19:00); does Western society take the impact of Christianity for granted? (21:25); is Christianity a keystone species in society? (25:15); the Christian foundations of modern hospitals and healthcare (29:00); Christians and the Scientific Revolution (31:45); Christianity and women’s rights (43:45); how the Christian ethic helped to abolish slavery (46:30); was Hitler a Christian? (52:10); the importance of the Bible (56:45); predictions that Jesus made (59:50); was Jesus the most influential person in history? (1:04:40); what is the history of Christianity? (1:07:15); the origins of literacy and how society is drifting towards post-literacy (1:13:20); the importance of reading (1:17:10); what does the book of nature tell us about God? (1:24:30).

To learn more about the book Jesus Skeptic click here.

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