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Second miracle
At some point, late at night, Saint Diomidis appeared to the iconographer and said to him: ‘Look, painter, at the man you say you don’t know and, once you’ve been convinced by the monk who’s entreating you, record in colours him whom you see’. Having said this, he disappeared. The painter leapt out of bed, utterly astonished at the manifestation of the saint. He sought forgiveness from the saint for his earlier refusal and began confidently to paint him. With great skill, he painted an icon of the saint as he’d seen him and placed it in a space among many others. Afterwards, the same monk returned and begged him, as before, for an icon. The iconographer said: ‘Go into the room and have a look at the icons’. When he went and looked, he saw the icon of the saint among many other well-known ones. When he recognized it, he picked it up and left the room, full of joy. He thanked the painter warmly for depicting the saint so faithfully, and the iconographer told him about the saint appearing. Both of them praised God Who values His servants as greatly as He does the angels.

Since I’ve left out from the narrative the older miracles, I’ll recall the more recent and recount one or two, of which there are many eye-witnesses, especially the priest in charge of the church dedicated to the saint. This priest begged me to write this account but I put it off. I’ll tell you the reason for the postponement later. Regarding the miracles which have occurred in our own day, I’ll be brief. The priest of the church told me: ‘Every day there are lots of healing acts performed by him, but ten or twelve years ago, I and many others were eye-witnesses to two miracles’.

(to be continued)

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