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Director’s Message: Embracing Tradition and Engaging Modernity

Healing our Relationship with Food: An Orthodox Perspective
Fr. Christopher Metropulos speaks to Krista Fedorchak, an Orthodox Christian registered dietitian, to discuss how to take a sustainable and balanced approach to improving our health and nutrition while staying true to our lives in Christ and the traditions of the Orthodox Church.

Violence in the Holy Land: A Reflection and Call to Prayer
Fr. Christos Christakis was present during the first days of the October 7, 2023, attack on Israel. He shares the details of this harrowing experience with Fr. Christopher Metropulos.

Recognizing the Call
Christo Pappademos talks to Fr. Niko Bekris about what led to his realization that God was calling him to become a priest.

OCN Announces Its Collaboration with the Orthodox Media Ministry
On August 31, 2024, the Orthodox Christian Network and the Orthodox Media Ministry at Saint Sophia Cathedral in Los Angeles, will celebrate their collaboration and the 30th anniversary of OCN.

The Fresh Start Cafe: Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Envisioned by the late Fr. George Livanos, this warm and welcoming coffee shop encourages people to connect with friends and family and be a part of something greater than themselves.

The Purpose of the Church’s “Spring Training”
Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis reflects on the similarities between baseball’s “spring training” and the training we undergo during Great Lent.

Our Sacred Lenten Journey Begins with Others
Learning to love one another as Christ loves us requires that we understand the reality behind someone’s behavior—including our own—so that we are able to forgive others and thereby fulfill the purpose of Great Lent.

Saint Justin Popovich on the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist (Part 1)

Lentils and Orange Salad
Chef Sophia Manatakis has created a versatile vegetarian salad that can be adapted throughout the Lenten season.

Ripples of Faith
Fr. Vasile Tudora discusses the ways in which the seemingly insignificant, humble events of our lives can have a ripple effect–like a stone tossed in water–leading to meaningful changes and inconceivable blessings in the future.



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