Dr. Frank Beckwith joins Hank on Hank Unplugged to discuss their shared history as prominent evangelical Protestants who’ve converted to different historical traditions within the Christian faith and their desire for greater church unity, while also demonstrating the importance of apologetics and discourse. Topics discussed include: how advances in technology further cement their belief that the watershed issue of our age is still abortion (5:00); nostalgic memories of late-night theological discussions with Bob and Gretchen Passantino and the importance of open-minded discourse in apologetics (14:30); the value of being a lifelong learner, its impact on Hank’s conversion to Orthodoxy and Frank’s return to Roman Catholicism, and both men’s belief in the importance of embracing Mere Christianity (20:00); misconceptions of Catholicism, the importance of unity between the branches of Christianity (31:00); misunderstandings regarding works-righteousness sanctification, grace, and the transformational truth of the gospel (40:30); their controversial conversions and the impact of encouraging notes between Hank and Frank themselves (50:30); The Benedict Option and the need for Christians to be an example to the culture, not of the culture (1:04:00); the importance of having an eternal perspective and developing spiritual disciplines (1:09:00); John Paul II said the church has two lungs, and it needs to breathe with both, referring to the church in the East and the West, and both men end the podcast by making a call for church unity (1:15:00).




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