Hank Hanegraaff, host of the Bible Answer Man broadcast and president of the Christian Research Institute, makes his debut into podcasting with the first episode of Hank Unplugged by inviting his close friend and best-selling author Frederica Mathewes-Green onto the podcast to discuss Hank’s transition into Eastern Orthodoxy, being diagnosed with cancer, and the way that those two situations have impacted one another. Topics discussed include the difference Orthodoxy has made for Hank after being diagnosed with cancer and reordering his life around the divine (11:00); the history of the church, schisms, and the high priestly prayer that we all must be as one (14:00); community memory as a source of Church authority and the perpetuation of Holy tradition in addition to “being biblical” (22:30); the “spiritual gymnasium” found in the Orthodox Church (37:30); the tension Hank feels between wanting the Lord to heal him and wanting the Lord to prune him for His glory as a witness (40:30); the idea of intercession of the community of the saints through prayer and the idea that there are no dead Christians (46:30); and how Hank has staked his whole career and ministry on his belief in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist (52:30).




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