Hank Hanegraaff, president of the Christian Research Institute and host of the Bible Answer Man broadcast, comments on a profound article by Carl Trueman, titled, “Gay Conservatism Is a Contradiction in Terms.” The article features a striking picture of conservative pundit Dave Rubin and his same-sex partner David Janet holding sonagrams on either side of a plaque reading, “Coming Soon—Baby 1, 8/22/22; Baby 2, 10/14/22.” The image is captivating. Trueman explains that the image “plays powerfully to the spirit of our age: Two attractive and charming young men smiling with delight as they display the sonograms of the children they will be welcoming into the world. The moral narrative is what we might term an aesthetic one: The visible happiness of the couple is the key thing, and that plays to the spirit of our age. There is no larger moral vision by which the picture is to be judged….The moral vision here is that whatever makes modern man or woman happy and which technology makes possible must be good.” Reproductive technologies “shatter all distinctions between the sexes….By using technology to conceive children, the burden (as they saw it) of motherhood would finally be lifted off the shoulders of women and the last great oppressive division of labor—that which naturally existed between men and women—would be abolished.” The image exonerates same-sex marriage, homosexuality, dispenses with the need for differentiated parenting, and puts pressure on conservative Christians to embrace the LGBTQ+ agenda (including the notion that transgender athlete Lia Thomas is in the same category as Jackie Robinson). The icon is the argument. Western Civilization was founded on Word; modernity is fixated on image. One takes work; the other can be mindlessly embraced, shaping our worldview.

Carl Trueman, “Gay Conservatism Is a Contradiction in Terms,” World, March 21, 2022, https://wng.org/opinions/gay-conservatism-is-a-contradiction-in-terms-1647865045



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