It’s becoming increasingly popular to look at the world we live in and relate it to the dystopian society described in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Nancy Pearcey’s new book, Love Thy Body, tackles issues ranging from transgenderism, homosexuality, abortion, sex, the hookup culture, pornography, and more. Every issue discussed by Hank and Nancy on this edition of Hank Unplugged has an effect on your life, and together they discuss how Christians can turn this Brave New World upside down.

Topics discussed include: what are the issues that Pearcey felt compelled to address in her book Love Thy Body (0:30); how does Christianity teach us to feel about our body? (3:30); recognizing Christian heritage (6:30); the dangerous implications of the transgender narrative (9:30); the bioethics of abortion and the scary implications for the identity of personhood (11:30); how did Pearcey transition from being an agnostic to a Christian evangelist? (16:30); the issue of origins being the main difference between Christianity and secularism (21:00); the cognitive dissonance of conflicting social movements such as transgender activists and feminists (28:00); modernism, postmodernism, and morals (33:00); the dire implications of abortion on social perceptions of personhood (38:00); the growing coercive power of the state through postmodern perspectives (41:00); why Western civilization should look to the early church for answers to problems we are facing today (46:00); recovering an appreciation for the radical uniqueness of the Christian worldview (53:00); how Christians can turn the Brave New World we are living in upside down (55:00); the dehumanizing effects and implications of the “loyalty oath of modernity” (1:02:00); how the hookup culture devalues sex, whereas the Christian worldview appreciates the beautiful value of sex (1:04:30); pornography and robot sex (1:08:30); pornography as a public health crisis (1:12:00); the need for Christians to understand worldviews to truly be able to love thy neighbor (1:15:30); the value of women in apologetics (1:20:00).




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