Bestselling author O. S. Hawkins joins Hank to discuss their shared passion for memorizing scripture and why they believe it is critical for Christians to commit the Bible to memory, knowing that God speaks to us through His word and by His spirit.

Topics discussed include: Hank recalls the impact that O. S. Hawkins had on his faith as a young Christian convert (3:00); the background of GuideStone: Financial Services guided by Christian Values (5:15); why Mission Dignity receives Hawkins’s book royalties (7:00); what Hawkins has learned from writing his Code series of devotionals (8:50); the importance of memorizing the Bible (12:10); lessons about faith and obedience learned from The Book of Joshua (15:40); the three levels of prayer (18:50); being an ambassador for Christ in a corrosive culture (24:00); the four worlds we all live in (private, personal, professional, and public) and where integrity is rooted (26:10); why Hawkins wants to change the meaning of VIP from very important person to very influential person grounded in vision, integrity, and purpose—VIP (30:15); the three keys to finding God’s plan and purpose for your life (36:10); the importance of serving God’s purpose in our generation and finishing strong (43:20); the sin of worrying (46:45); ministering to the poor (52:30); the culture war we are facing in the world today (55:15); and Hawkins ends the podcast with a prayer (57:05).




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