This week Hank is joined on Hank Unplugged by Dr. Benjamin Wiker, a distinguished professor and author of many books. This conversation runs the intellectual gamut as they discuss issues facing our world today such as Islamic persecution of Christians, building our economies around vices, and the need for a deeper discussion on global warming.

Topics discussed include: Muslim Persecution of Christians in the Middle East (4:00); Islam, The Reformation and a call for Mere Christianity (8:00); In Defense of Nature–Environmental and Ethical Ecological Systems (15:30); Recycling as a distraction from our consumerist behavior (27:00); The danger of building economies around our vices (35:00); Correlating the empire of waste with the 7 deadly sins (41:00); The addiction driven by hyperpalatability in food, pornography and technology (44:00); Misleading food labels revealing the importance of a local economy (56:00); The need for wider, deeper talk about global warming (1:06:00); Wiker’s Book 10 Books that Screwed Up The World revealing how ideas have consequences (1:14:30); Do we live in a meaningful world?(1:18:30).




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