As Hank Hanegraaff, president of the Christian Research Institute and host of the Bible Answer Man broadcast, continues traveling through Southeast Asia, he ministers to a snake charming village. A place of abject poverty and brokenness, where little children play in conditions so unsanitary you would not allow your animals to step. The snake charmers believe that the snakes are gods, which provide their only source of meager income. But by the grace of the true and living God, a ministry known as Gospel for Asia is providing the very basics of life to these broken people—fresh water, sanitation, education, and the demonstration of the love of Jesus. We are called to labor not for that which perishes but for that which is eternal. In our Going Global Mission, CRI is seeking to do globally the very things we have done in North America—teaching people how to read the Bible for all its substantial worth, and how to mine, meditate on, and memorize the Scriptures, not just for the purpose of gaining knowledge, but rather for the purpose of experiencing life that is life to the full. Life that only Jesus Christ can bring—even in the most meager and broken circumstances.

For more information, see Gospel for Asia,, and And Christian Research Institute, Going Global



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