In this second episode of Hank Unplugged, Hank invites “the most interesting man in the world,” Rod Dreher, onto the podcast to discuss his book The Benedict Option. Topics discussed include: who Benedict was and how he laid the groundwork for the rebirth of Western Civilization after the fall of Rome (3:40); Christians that are indistinguishable from the culture (6:40); their conversions to Orthodoxy, difficulties that they faced as a result, and how it helped shape them spiritually (8:30); the importance of a community of believers as opposed to consumeristic Christianity (17:30); historical illiteracy regarding the first 1,500 years of church history and why that is dangerous (21:20); the changing nature of anthropology and the Abolition of Man (26:30); the delusional idea that politics will change the culture and how losing political power might be the very thing that saves the church (30:15); millennials leaving the church and a possible trend toward liturgical worship (40:45); and The Benedict Option as a primer on how to find God in the ruins of Rome (50:30).




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