This week, Hank is joined on Hank Unplugged by Michael Behe, a distinguished biochemist and the subject of a new documentary called Revolutionary: Michael Behe and the Mystery of Molecular Machines. Listen in as they discuss Behe’s trailblazing insights into irreducible complexity, the compatibility of faith and science, pitfalls of scientific consensus, the status of the Intelligent Design movement, and much more.

Topics discussed include: how Behe’s doubts of Darwin’s theories caused him to write the book Darwin’s Black Box as an alternative explanation and the uproar that ensued (7:00); the use of a mousetrap to explain the idea of irreducible complexity as an indicator of Intelligent Design (13:00); how scientific discoveries and progress will eventually explain away Darwin’s grandest claims (20:00); the difficult road for those in the scientific community who advocate for Intelligent Design (28:00); explaining the molecular machine that is the bacterial flagellum as an indicator of complexity calling for Intelligent Design (33:00); the true compatibility of faith and science (37:30); the unscientific hypocrisy of untouchable topics, biases, and stakeholder interests in the sciences (42:00); signs of prejudicial judiciary in the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial (50:00); the anti-intellectual nature of ignoring alternative explanations and the pitfalls of scientific consensus as a stand-in for truth (56:00); the power of one person to make a change by challenging the status quo and taking a stand (1:03:00).




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